Teeth Breaking Treatment


Patient presented with the chief concern that every time she goes to her dentist there is always another crown to do and there was not any discussion about the cause of her teeth breaking. Her fear was that she would eventually need dentures at the rate her teeth were breaking.

Clinical evaluation revealed that multiple chewing muscles were tender to palpation. On opening, her jaw deviated significantly to the right and had limited range of movement to the left. These corresponding muscle imbalances had changed the function of her jaw.

The treatment constituted utilizing an Orthotic Appliance to relax the muscles and to verify a stable Joint position. The placement of single implants in the right posterior region and three implants in the upper left region allowed for a stable bite bilaterally. The anterior restorations were fabricated to improve the jaw function that was discovered in the Appliance Therapy and verified in the Transitional Crown phase of therapy.

It has been four years since the completion of the patient’s therapy and her last statement was that she no longer worries about her teeth.

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