Dental Services (Sleep, TMD, TMJ, Hygiene, Aesthetic, Restorative)

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We offer a full range of adult and pediatric dental services, ranging from general to advanced dental treatment. Our specialties include:

Below you can read more about each service and see case studies of our previous work.

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Dental Services (Sleep, TMD, TMJ, Hygiene, Aesthetic, Restorative)

We take great care and pride in explaining the entire process so you can make informed decisions about your health.

Sleep & Airway Management

For adults and especially for children, a clear airway is important for good health. We are obligate nasal breathers. Intervening early is necessary so small problems don’t magnify into something big, like apnea, later on. Nobody suddenly wakes up with apnea; it very likely started as a child with small issues during facial development.

We work on airway management by moving the jaw to a more protruded position. Often this is done by making a custom sleep apparatus. If you snore (even if it’s just short grunts), you may have an obstruction to the airway that can be helped. Or, if you find yourself tongue-tied or having trouble swallowing, it may also be a jaw issue.

Our solutions (and investigations) may include a Cone Bean Cat Scan (CBCT), Physical or Myofunctional Therapy, or Sleep Studies at a Sleep Center. Often people who have sleep apnea come to us because they don’t want to use a CPAP machine, and we work to find a less intrusive solution.

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TMJ / TMD – Occlusal Disease

TMD refers to imbalances in the chewing system including degenerative conditions in the Temporomandibular Joints (TM Joints). Occlusal Muscle Disorder is a imbalance in the position of the teeth in relationship to the TM Joints; it is a positional discrepancy. In either TMD or OMD the changes on the dentition can be wear, fracture, loosening, or sensitivity. Popping or clicking are indicative of ligament laxity. The noises going away on their own often indicates continued degeneration and not necessarily a return to health. The goal of Occlusal Therapy is to reduce the strain in the “chewing system” by aligning the joints to an optimal position and minimize the continued muscle tension.

Dr. Muench is particularly experienced with TMJ/TMD cases and has written a lot more about this topic on the TMJ / TMD page.

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Hygiene & Cleaning

Our Philosophy

There is no “fluff and buff” here, we take cleaning seriously. We teach you about your mouth and go over best cleaning practices and give you tips for keeping your mouth healthy.

Many patients floss but how do you know if you’ve cleaned thoroughly? We think of the hygiene visit as an opportunity to coach our patients. We give positive feedback towards the goal of optimal health. We look for the usual suspects- decay and bleeding gums but there are a host of other factors: airway, tooth wear, cancer, and tissue pathologies.

  Quick Tip

Did you know that right-handed brushers often miss the back of their right eye tooth? This is common because of the natural range of motion of your arm. Once you have these types of insights, it’s easier to be mindful of brushing all your teeth well.

First Visit – New Patients

On your first visit you will see Dr. Muench for a half hour so he can start to learn about your goals and understand your mouth.

You will also spend a half hour with our hygienist, who will perform a complete cleaning and possibly take x-rays.

New Patient Form


Here we’re checking for cavities, bite disease, and periodontal decay. We’re also asking questions like: What are your personal risk factors? Are your gums healthy or receding?

It’s possible you could have beautiful teeth and no decay but for some reason the bone is wearing away, so we need to find out why.

Teeth Breaking Case Study
Sensative Teeth Case Study


We aim for a result that will last at least 20-25 years. To do this we ask questions like: How do we optimally get to a more pleasing state? How will it function? and How will it hold up over time?

One-day makeovers don’t hold up over the long-term. Instead, we dive into the details to find out why the teeth look the way they do so the damage can’t be replicated after the “fix.”

An aesthetic solution may also involve dental implants.

Front Teeth Gap Case Study
Aesthetic Case Study
Multiple Teeth Gap Case Study
Implant Case Study


We take broken down or “unpleasing” dental situations and restore them to optimal health and aesthetics.

Restoration of a patients dentition is often a dance between aesthetics and function. We look at the whole case to generate the most integrated solution that will last for decades. Often the challenge is staging the care while remembering that time is the variant not the quality of the care.

In some cases we do oral surgeries and root canals. We also collaborate with other specialists depending on the complexity of the care needed.

Dr Muench did a superb job analyzing my dental situation with the objective of providing me with a restorative plan that when implemented made me extremely proud of my teeth and my smile! He was very skillful and meticulous in carrying out procedures of my plan using state of the art techniques and referred me to other competent dental specialist as needed to supplement his expertise (e.g., for braces, root canal, and implants). I highly recommend Dr Muench for his professionalism and dedication to giving his patients superb dental care!Denham Turton, Maplewood, NJ

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Dental Services (Sleep, TMD, TMJ, Hygiene, Aesthetic, Restorative)

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