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Our Practice

For both adults and children, we focus on an integrative and holistic approach. We work to know you, your goals, and your mouth. Treatments may include Sleep & Airway ManagementTMJ / TMDPreventive, Aesthetics (including Implants), Restorative and routine Hygiene & Cleaning visits.

We make sure your whole mouth is working right. We know that each mouth is unique and that’s why each solution is completely custom fit. Your mouth not only has teeth and gums, but muscles and joints too. They all have to work in harmony. Although most dentists don’t focus on the masticatory system, it’s an integral part that we take care to observe and treat as needed.

Whether you’re in pain or problem free, we’re dedicated to your future. At our practice you’ll also get a complete education of your mouth. As a result, you will feel better and look better with pain-free clean and healthy teeth and gums.

About Dr. Muench's Team

Our Dentist

About Dr. Muench's Team
Dr. Kevin MuenchDentist

Dr. Kevin Muench is incredibly thorough. He not only cares about each of his patients, but he also loves learning and sharing that learning. His goal is to help you understand exactly what is going on in your mouth, and if there is a problem, how he’ll work to investigate the root cause (no pun intended) and how to fix it.

Dr. Muench is thoughtful in his approach and quick to share a metaphor and a laugh with his patients. He is dedicated to finding out ‘why’ and that is precisely the reason he likes his job so much — because every day is a new learning experience and a chance to solve new problems.

In addition to teaching patients about their mouth he is also a renowned teacher in the dental community.

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Our Core Team

About Dr. Muench's Team

Stephanie Torres

Dental Hygienist

Stephanie’s number one goal is to focus on helping patients achieve and maintain optimal oral health. It is important for her to help patients understand the connection between oral health and overall systemic health.

Stephanie received her associates degree in dental hygiene from Rutgers University in January 2016. She has been in the field of dentistry for approximately 21 years and maintain a CPR certification. Her love of dentistry developed when working for dental labs for 15 years, but she knew that she want to connect more with patients, so she went to hygiene school.

Stephanie says, “In some of my experiences with dental practices, I have encountered a concentration of quantity over quality; a need to achieve a daily production goal motivated by sales. Upon interviewing for the position and meeting the staff at Muench Family Dental, I knew I was in an environment that was based on providing patients with the quality care that is expected when visiting the dental office. Dr Muench uses the most up to date equipment and focuses on the synchrony of the joints, muscles and the teeth. I can say with certainty that I look forward to working with Dr Muench, his staff, and developing relationships with new and existing patients at Muench Family Dental.

When Stephanie is not working with patients cleaning teeth, she enjoy’s spending time with her family and her dog, cooking (and eating!), traveling and relaxing.


About Dr. Muench's Team
Milagros Carhuayo

Certified Dental Assistant

Mili exudes an excitement with Dentistry and also brings a caring nature to all our patients. She has been in the Dental Field since 2004 and maintains a CPR certification.

Mili is a resident of Orange, NJ. She has two sons Juan and Jose and 2 lovely granddaughters Abigail and Tabatha. In her spare time Mili enjoys reading and spending time with her family.


About Dr. Muench's Team
Nicole Tortorello

Office Manager

Nicole has an Associates Degree from Essex County College and also graduated from HoHokus-Rets Eastwick College. She has over 15 years of experience in the dental field and has a CPR certification. She lives in Elizabeth, NJ and has 2 rescue dogs: Oreo and Baby.

Nicole enjoys traveling, gardening, cooking, helping and caring for others, and she loves to spend time with her family.


Specialists We Work With

On our most complicated cases we collaborate with other "system thinkers." It can be hard to find specialists who think about the body as a system, intricately connected in so many different ways and having influence on all the different parts. This isn't how you're taught in school. Yet this is exactly what allows us to solve our most complex cases.

We don't believe in temporary fixes and neither do our partners. If you've visited multiple doctors about your problem and no fix has worked, it's probably because they were working on the solution independently. It's quite possible that you're experiencing an issue that is layered and complex and needs multiple specialists working together. That said, we would only send you to a specialist if we found it necessary to get more information to properly (and permanently) find a solution to fix your problem; we don't waste time or money.

Below, you'll find many of the specialists we work with most.


Sleep Specialists

RWJ Barnabas Health Sleep Center – Dr. Mangala Nadkarni

Summit Health – Dr. Sara Scheid

Oral Surgeons

Union Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery – Dr. Kevin Corry, DDS

Northeast Facial and Oral Surgery Specialists – Dr. Jessica S. Lee, DDS, MD, MA


Periodontics, Dental Implants & Laser Surgery – Dr. Jay Greenfield, DMD

Livingston Periodontal & Implant Associates – Dr. Eric C. Weiss, DMD

Suburban Periodontics & Implants – Cheryl Goren Robins, DDS


Millburn Endodontics – Dr. Alan Layton, DMD


Millburn Orthodontics – Dr. Mark Caplan, DDS, MS

JB Peterman Orthodontics – Dr. J.B. Peterman

TMD Therapists

Northeast Facial and Oral Surgery Specialists – Dr. Gregg A. Jacob, DMD

Northeast Facial and Oral Surgery Specialists – Dr. Jessica S. Lee, DDS, MD, MA

Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT)

Summit Health – Dr. Giant Lin, MD

Physical Therapists

Next Level Physical Therapy – Dr. Mike Wehrhahn, DPT, SCS, CSCS

Star Physical Therapy – Violetta Chyc-Oleksiak PT, DPT

North Jersey Physical Therapy Associates – Carol Cote, PT, CCTT, CODN, CMTPT

Colavita Associates Headache and Neck Care – Dr. Angelo Colavita


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