COVID-19 Protocols

We are taking extraordinary steps to ensure your and our safety.

We, as a team have spent weeks working out new COVID-19 procedures and protocols by following the constantly updating advise and recommendations prescribed by the CDC, ADA, AGD, and OSHA. Your whole health has always been and always will be my primary goal and passion- it drives my spirit to learn, grow, develop, and now… ADAPT.

Enhanced Cleaning


All surfaces within the room especially the chair and delivery system will be sprayed with disinfectant and given time to set. Afterwards the room will be vented and the surfaces will all be hand wiped with an additional cleaner. All isolation wraps will be properly disposed and new isolation wraps will be applied. Then the room will be prepped for the next patient.

Common Areas

You will notice that the rooms may appear a bit stark since magazines, pamphlets, etc. have been removed as not to be a source of Covid transfer. These areas will be regularly treated with disinfectant and the air will be continually cleaned via the HVAC system that has had a UV-c system and high density 3M filters as well as air filtration in each room in the practice.

Throughout Your Visit

Before the Visit (for patients and staff)

  • Each person will fill out a screening questionnaire. If you (or our staff) are feeling any COVID-19 symptoms we will not move forward with the visit.
  • Each person will have their temperature taken before the visit to ensure they’re not running a fever.
  • A mandatory-use Purell dispenser is installed at the entrance of the office.
  • Each person will put on individually wrapped PPE.
    • All patients will wear a mask.
    • Unvaccinated patients will be provided gloves.
    • Staff will have masks, face shields, and full length gowns.
  • Patient times will be staggered so you should never be in contact with another patient.

Note: Please confirm your appointment time before entering the office. If we’re running behind, we’ll let you know to avoid any contact with another patient. There will be a learning curve associated with all of these extra measures, and we hope you’ll have patience with this new process.

During the Visit (for patients and staff)

  • We’ll work to reduce or limit all aerosols.
  • Patients will have a disposable shield over them when aerosols are expected.
  • We will continue all previous safety methods including the rubber dam.
  • Additional measures will include an oral rinse with 1% Hydrogen Peroxide.

Note: We have a ReLeaf System to help reduce aerosols. We may now use the Ultrasonic hand pieces (Cavitrons) since our new Extraoral Suction System arrived. The Extraoral system has 2 HEPA filters, a plasma sterilizer, and UVC disinfection.

Wrapping up Your Visit

  • Insurance claims and payments will be performed digitally with a focus on no direct transfer of paper claims, recipes, pens, etc.
  • We will email you appointment reminders instead of handing out appointment cards.
  • Payments will ideally be made with Tap & Pay, Apple, or Venmo or other digital service.

Disposal of PPE as You Leave

  • We’ll have a designated receptacle for you to place any masks or gloves that you no longer desire.

You can read more details and find our full COVID-19 Protocol in this PDF.

In addition, we will adapt in any way possible, to help you feel secure.

We thank you for your friendship, support, and understanding as we move into this new arena of dental practice at Muench Family Dental.

I sincerely request if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, my team and I welcome your insight. Our mutual health is dependent on a collaborative process. Above all, please stay safe and if you start to experience ANY signs of Covid illness during the coming days, call your primary health provider and our office.

If you would like to talk about any of the above steps, you can email me at or we can have a virtual chat via our Telehealth service.

You can also read an article Dr. Muench wrote about how he’s embracing the changes and challenges that COVID-19 has brought, “I feel poised and ready to bring my best self forward in these times that hold endless possibilities for values-based, relationship-driven, uniquely individualized care.” Read the full article on the prestigious Pankey Institute blog.

COVID-19 Update: We're open with limited appointments and limited staff, following our strict COVID Safety Protocols.