Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Announcement for Muench Dental

posted May 4th, 2020

To My Family of Patients/Friends,

I hope and trust that you are safe and sound. These are certainly the strangest of times. I have tried to make the most of the time. I look forward to seeing and speaking with each of you.

Over the last weeks a considerable amount of my time was spent cleaning, painting, and preparing the office for your return. Our team has met weekly via Zoom reviewing how our practice of dentistry will be adjusted to support your/our emotional and physical safety. We have always been focused on an environment that is physically and emotionally safe. These times will require a significant shift in systems. The protocol we have developed is meant to provide a standard of care above the norms suggested by the American Dental Association and are targeted towards your whole health and that of our team.

Over the next few weeks we will roll out multiple communications via our website, emails, and Facebook. All the information will be the same at each site and the use of multiple platforms will allow for the use of your preferred resource. In my mind this is an opportunity for collaboration and development. The team and I have created an updated Protocol Document and we feel we have thought out the process quite thoroughly. I invite you to help us help you feel safe. If you want to speak individually or simply want to send an email either way please reach out in your preferred communication method.

I have set up a telehealth portal through It is live now and can be accessed via our website ( or by emailing our office for the link. If you currently have been waiting to come in when the restrictions are lifted because a tooth or your jaw has been bothering you is an excellent way for us to communicate and for the team to provide appropriate time in our schedule to accommodate your care. This can also be an excellent portal to discuss the office protocol focused on safety and HIPPA compliant.

The written protocol will be posted to our website with links via Facebook and Lighthouse. If you would want a hard copy please feel free to email the office at and we will send a copy to you.

My sincere thanks and appreciation for your kind thoughts throughout this period

Kevin F. Muench and team

posted March 18th, 2020

Under the recommendation of the New Jersey Dental Association and state health agencies, I will be pausing elective services for two weeks. I will be available for emergency care (Pain and/or Swelling) as a means to flatten the curve of the spread of COVID-19. Additional measures that we have introduced to our protocols that will be followed are: ½ hour gaps between all patient visits, in addition to general precautions we will disinfect pens, credit cards, aka surfaces that could transmit any virus by contact, and highly limit the generation of aerosols- limit or eliminate the use of handpieces, cavitrons, etc.

We will personally call anyone that has an appointment over the time frame that we are closed to facilitate rescheduling our time together.

When our lives are busy busy- we pray for time off to re-gather, collect our thoughts, plan and strategize or just plain rest. Funny how when we’re forced/obligated to do so that the time off is met with resistance. I’ll do my best to do both- rest and reflect- I hope you can do the same.

I treasure our relationship and look forward to being with and for you once this threat has softened.

Much Sincerely,

Kevin F. Muench and Staff

We continue to stay current with COVID Safety Protocols.