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Aesthetic Dentistry

Patient presented with a chief concern of wanting his teeth to look better. Orthodontics as a child involved the extraction of 4 teeth.
Clinical evaluation revealed Crepitus in both Temporomandibular Joints with tenderness in the Right Joint on Palpation. The patient revealed that he had episodic periods of pain. Motion studies revealed limited range of motion to the right side.
The treatment involved utilizing an Orthotic Appliance to relax the muscles and establish a stable position for the jaw joint. The range of motion returned to normal with no palpable pain in the Temporomandibular Joint. The transitional crowns were pre-fabricated to match the new jaw position. The crowns stability and comfort in the new position were monitored for a few months before the final crowns were fabricated. The front teeth were all restored in All Porcelain Crowns for optimum esthetics.