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Kevin F. Muench DMD, MAGD

At its worst, the pain felt like I was being stabbed in the temples. It hurt just to move my head. And this pain had been building for years.

During dental school, both my jaw joints began to click. I knew I clenched my teeth and would grind them at night, and now the stress of school was really taking a toll on my teeth and jaws. A dental student I went to school with did a wonderful job re-doing some old restorations, but didn’t give any thought to the joints. The school just did not teach that kind of approach to dentistry.

Eventually the pain got so bad I’d be used as an example for the other students to study. Every time I went to the clinic, I felt like a human mannequin as all 88 of my classmates felt my jaw click at least three or four times.

On those days, my jaw didn’t just hurt – it throbbed. The pain was excruciating.

But being a dental student didn’t mean I got any special treatment. In fact, the director of the TMJ clinic said he didn’t treat dental students. And a prosthodontist I saw later merely suggested orthodontics and new crowns. That might fix my teeth in the short term, but it wouldn’t alleviate the pain.
And still no thought was given to the joint.
After I finished dental school and started my dental practice, I discovered the Pankey Institute. This is a place where dentists learn to treat the entire system of joints, muscles, and teeth.

I was cautious, but excited. My aching jaw now had hope!

In a major commitment of time, money, and effort, I faithfully went to the Institute in Key Biscayne, Florida to learn how to treat a patient’s entire mouth (joints, muscles, and teeth) – and to understand the pain I was feeling in my own.

As a part of my training, we were challenged to find a Master Dentist and have our mouths restored. And once I did that, I was told to go through the treatment and pay for it myself. That way I’d understand the sacrifices a patient makes to take on the task of healing his or her own mouth.

Once this dentist refined my night appliances, he performed an equilibration, which is the planned filing of certain points of each tooth so they once again move smoothly. This left me both headache and pain free! And my dentist is supportive, thoughtful, and compassionate, while also bringing a skill level I truly value.
As you can see from my journey, I’ve experienced the pain and frustration you feel. That’s why I make it my mission to apply the same level of skill and understanding I’ve been lucky enough to receive. And I promise to fulfill that mission when you come to our office.